Guest on ‘Fresh Air’ Asks Terry Gross “Do You Twerk?”

Terry Gross, the host of ‘Fresh Air’ on National Public Radio, is 65 years old and Jewish, and therefore does not twerk. Yet for some reason her guest, British filmmaker Andrea Arnold, decided to ask her if she does.

The shocking answer from Terry: “No, I don’t twerk,” followed by a laugh from the host who wears glasses and struggles from mild social anxiety.

It was a very bad show, the worst in a long time, mainly because Arnold clearly did not know that ‘Fresh Air’ is an interview show where the host asks the guest questions. Questions like, “So tell me about your movies” and “What was your childhood like?”

The questions got way too personal for Arnold, who has a new movie to promote about drunk teenagers called ‘American Honey.’ Arnold said she doesn’t like to talk about herself, and she doesn’t like to talk about her movies (Talking about movies ruins their mystery, she says.) Ok then why did you go on ‘Fresh Air,’ a talk show?

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