Doug Burgum Had Major Surgery in Los Angeles in 2015, and He Won’t Say Why

When you’re running for office, is your health only an issue if you’re a woman?

Hillary Clinton was criticized for hiding her pneumonia from the press. Heidi Heitkamp’s breast cancer was all over the news when she ran for US Senate in 2012. But has anyone thought to ask Doug Burgum, a rich man, about his vitals?

It might be a smart question to ask the Republican nominee for ND governor, since he underwent unplanned surgery for a serious illness at a Los Angeles hospital last year.

Details about Doug’s surgery are sparse but Mean Read obtained evidence of it from a private email.

Generally, we wouldn’t care if someone had a major surgery — we might even send a card and flowers — but in this case, given Burgum wants to lead a state for the next four years, we think his physical fitness is relevant.

What we know about the surgery comes from an email sent by JoDee Hanson, a close associate of Doug’s and his current campaign treasurer. The email, dated Feb. 2, 2015, announced the cancellation of a party Doug was going to throw called Winterfest.

According to the email: Doug was visiting the West Coast over the MLK Jr. Day weekend when he required the unplanned surgery due to an “acute illness.” He spent at least a week in a Los Angeles hospital recovering.


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