ND Libertarian Candidate Wants To “Make America Rape Again”

Nick Bata

Perpetual squinter Nick Bata, the Libertarian candidate for North Dakota Insurance Commissioner, is a guy who read one book by Milton Friedman and won’t shut up about it.

Despite how hard Nick pretends to be one, he’s not an economist. His experience consists of immersing himself in Austrian Economics after being inspired by Ron Paul in 2012.

According to Nick’s bio, he currently works at “a prestigious Drywall and Painting Company.”

This guy works at the Princeton of Drywall contracting companies.

Apart from being totally unqualified, Bata recently wrote “Make America Rape Again” on Facebook.


Nick wrote the comment in the context of a discussion of rape culture, which Nick believes is a myth.”

We remind Nick of a line from the national Libertarian Party’s platform: “America suffers from an epidemic of violence and crime, victimizing one family out of four every year. There is a murder every halfh hour, a rape every five minutes, and a theft every four seconds.”

In a conversation with the Say Anything Blog, which first wrote about this, Nick refused to apologize, blamed PC culture, and said his “Make Rape Great Again” comment was sarcastic. “I over and over said rape is real but rape culture in America is not,” Nick said.

Nick also tried to turn the situation into a free speech issue. “I won’t apologize for something I have the right to say,” he said. “My rights don’t end where their insensitivity begins.”

Mean Read feels bad for Nick. He’s going to get pummeled in this election. At least he’s got that prestigious Drywall job to fall back on.

Here’s a link to the Facebook post that got Nick all riled up.