North Dakota Blogger Rob Port Thinks “Dick” Is a Euphemism

Rob Port

North Dakota blogger Rob Port, who is a bad writer to begin with, tried using a big word but forgot to look it up first.

In his Sunday Fargo Forum column, Port wrote about Republican legislative candidate Matthew Ruby, who this very blog exposed for dumb, racist things on his private Facebook page.

One dumb thing Ruby did was call a cop in Washburn a “dick.”


Here’s how Port describes it: “Matthew Ruby, a Republican candidate for the state House in District 38, came under fire this last week over Facebook comments from years ago where he appeared to brag about his skills at drunk driving and described a Washburn-area law enforcement officer with a euphemism for male genitalia.”

Rob, don’t use fancy words like “euphemism” if you don’t understand them. Let’s have a look at the dictionary. “Euphemism: (noun) a mild or pleasant word or phrase that is used instead of one that is unpleasant or offensive.”

“Dick” is not a euphemism — it’s the opposite.

To help Rob out, we did some research online and found a list of “29 Hilarious Euphemisms for Penises Throughout History.” They include “gigglestick,” “best leg of three,” “buttonhole worker,” and our personal favorite, “Master John Goodfellow.”

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