Guy Who Said “Make America Rape Again” Whines About Backlash

Nick Bata

Nick Bata, the no-shot Libertarian candidate for North Dakota Insurance Commissioner, is whining about all the negative attention he’s received after saying “Make America Rape Again.”

Nick — if you want postive press coverage, try not saying “Make America Rape Again.”

Nick wrote a long blog post yesterday responding to his critics. The post is not only incoherent, but also impossible to read because he indiscriminately peppers his prose with bold font. You’ll see what I mean.

First, the background to all this is that Nick wrote “Make America Rape Again” on Facebook the other day in a thread discussing rape culture. His comment blew up in his face, with lots of North Dakota media covering it as well as The Washington Post.


Nick isn’t happy about his new reputation as a national embarassment and creep. And he’s taking it out on everyone else.

In a blog post called “The Story They Don’t Want You to Hear,” he writes:

“Ruth Buffalo (Dem-NPL Insurance Commissioner Candidate) had jumped on this nonsense. This was done because ND Dem-NPL is so insignificant in the state. Nobody is buying their trash anymore.

“Out of the 44 comments that I had made on this thread, Ruth Buffalo, WDAY, Jamestown Sun, Grand Forks Herald, CNN, Fargo Forum, Dickinson Press ,and decided that they would focus on one particular comment that upset their moral supremacy. It would be far more convenient to blow up a sarcastic comment than to mention all of the other 43 comments I had made.”

Nick even has the audacity to call out WDAY reporter Jordan Schroeer, who did a good job covering the story, for lacking an understanding of economics. Nick, you aren’t an economist — you went to school for physical education at Mayville State University.

Nick concludes: “With all the threats I have been receiving demonstrates exactly how violent the left is. I think rape culture in America is false, but the lynch culture is alive and well among ND Dem-NPL. I cannot believe that in 2016 people still don’t know when they are having their emotions manipulated by misleading headlines.”

Anyone who needs that much bold font to prove their point isn’t worth listening to.