NDSU Student Senator: Don’t Let Media “Run Our College for Us”

It seems like a lot of people want North Dakota State University President Dean Bresciani to resign — except the students.

On Sunday, the NDSU Student Senate voted 27-0 to pass a resolution supporting Bresciani’s contract extension, citing his financial savvy and positive relationship with students.

Senator Calla Harper, a junior, went one step further and criticized the media for gunning for Bresciani’s ouster.

According to the NDSU Spectrum, Harper said “she doesn’t want a blogger to ‘run our college for us,’ referring to Forum Communications blogger Rob Port.”

Since January, Port has called for Bresciani to be fired for a variety of reasons, including because “literally dozens of people who work in state and local government … tell me that Bresciani has been personally rude to them.”

Perhaps Bresciani’s critics should think less about how they feel, and consider, for one moment, how students feel. After all, they’re the ones most affected. And in this case, they like Bresciani and want him to stay.

As for Port, who thinks the word “dick” is a euphemism, we suggest he enroll in some English classes at NDSU, ASAP.