“I’m Not Racist:” ND Legislative Candidate Defends Linking Voter Fraud to Diversity

David Clemens

David Clemens, a Republican candidate for North Dakota State Senate, has issued a public statement after he was hammered for saying he wants to toughen voting restrictions because the state is becoming “more diverse.”

“I think with the influx of — and not, no judgment meant — we are becoming a more diverse community, and I think some of that may constitute and require a little stricter guidelines when it comes to voting,” he said in a debate Thursday in West Fargo’s District 16.

We highlighted David’s words after they were reported in the Fargo Forum.

We reached out to David on Friday, asking him to explain what diversity has to do with enacting voting restrictions, but never heard back. He posted this on his campaign Facebook page Saturday afternoon:

“Unfortunately we are living in a society where political correctness defies common sense.
One of the question asked of the candidates at the League of Women’s Forum concerning voter fraud has been twisted into allegations of discrimination and racism.

“First and foremost I support diversity in our society. If people would have heard the entire debate they would have clearly heard in my closing statements my deep respect for fellow mankind regardless of race, color, creed, or religion.

“I am the owner operator of a small business. Clemens Transport employs only two individuals. One is a female Native American and the other a male African American. My life choices demonstrate that I value diversity and I’m not “racist” as being implied by those that oppose me.

“A vote for David Clemens is a vote for North Dakota values and common sense.”

Hey David, instead of whining about PC culture, why don’t you just answer this question: Why do you believe a more diverse state needs tougher voting requirements?

Also, when you said, “with the influx of,” what group of people were you talking about?

By the way, hiring a black person doesn’t mean you’re not racist. Ever heard of Donald Sterling?

We’ve reached out to ND GOP Executive Director Roz Leighton about David’s comments, but haven’t heard back.

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  1. Who is keeping record of these twits inane comments? Someday these students will be able to vote without being harrassed and they will vote but for who and which party?

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