Drew Wrigley Is Looking for Work

One day, North Dakota Lt. Gov. Drew Wrigley had the bright idea to fuck a woman who wasn’t his wife.

Rumors of the affair circulated in the state’s political cesspool. Drew, who was exploring a run for governor, decided to discuss it in a series of interviews.

“A very private matter that we’ve dealt with … has been forced out into the public discussion,” Drew told Bismarck-based reporter Mike Nowatzki last September.

Actually, Drew, you made it into a public issue by talking about it. If you hadn’t talked about it, North Dakota newspapers probably would never have reported it. They’re far too polite to do that.

Drew decided not to run for governor in 2016. Now, with his term almost over, the Grand Forks Herald tells us that Drew is weighing his political future.

In a long article by Sam Easter, Drew says absolutely nothing about what he’s doing next.

“I’m in the process of deciding what I’m going to do professionally going forward, and it’s an exciting time, frankly,” Drew says. “Some people have reached out to me, and I just started returning those calls somewhat recently. It might not be too much longer until I get this settled.”

Since the article contains no news, Easter fills it up with descriptions of Drew as “a lanky figure in a suit and spotted red tie” who is “all smiles behind rimless glasses.”

If Drew needs a job, we know a place that might hire him: Ashley Madison.

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