Religious Columnist Says Fargo Abortion Clinic Escorts Are Donut-Loving “Wily Wasps”

Roxane Salonen was the subject of a "phony" letter to the editor.

Update: After this post was published, Roxane Salonen told us the photo we were using of her is “copyrighted” and asked us to take it down. It was a photo from her public Facebook page (you can see it here). We believe that our use of the photo constituted “fair use,” but we decided to remove the picture anyway because we’re nice. We replaced it with a different photo of Salonen.

Update 2: You can no longer read Salonen’s article “Wily as Wasps” on her website. She blocked it after we published this post. An archived version is here.

When she’s not writing about her celibate gay friends, Roxane B. Salonen, The Fargo Forum’s religious columnist, turns her attention to North Dakota’s only abortion clinic — or should we say, beehive?

“The escorts down at the Red River Women’s Clinic are more like wasps — wily wasps,” Salonen wrote in a post on her website this summer.

The post, called “Stories from the Sidewalk: Wily as Wasps,” never made it into the newspaper, probably because it’s one of the worst things we’ve ever read. An eagle-eyed Mean Reader sent us a link to it yesterday because, in his words, it provides “wonderful insight into her mean-spirited fanaticism.”

The Red River Women’s Clinic in Fargo requires escorts to help women enter the building safely, because of anti-abortion protesters like Salonen who are there constantly. Salonen thinks the escorts are being “wily wasps,” whatever the fuck that means:

“If they were being honest with their clients, they wouldn’t feel the need to, like wily wasps, congregate so thick when the women enter the sidewalk, purposefully using their bodies as a shield, that we prayer advocates can’t share our words of life and hope with the women.”

Salonen also speculates on why people decide to be escorts. One of her theories is “the lure of fresh donuts.”

Somehow I doubt that “fresh donuts” would be enough of a motivation, given all the shit escorts get from people like Salonen.

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