Deport Anti-Refugee Fargo Commissioner Dave Piepkorn to Norway

Fargo City Commissioner Dave Piepkorn

Fargo City Commissioner and big man-baby Dave Piepkorn has been complaining a lot lately about refugees and how he believes they’re a burden on the local taxpayer.

When city staff gave a presentation about the costs of refugees on Oct. 10, Dave “didn’t believe the numbers and publicly questioned their credibility,” the Fargo Forum reported.

Just by coincidence, a reporter for the alt-right news site Breitbart happened to be at that meeting and interviewed Dave afterwards. It was almost like Dave threw a tantrum to get some national exposure.

Yesterday, Dave continued his crusade, asking the state to audit refugee resettlement agency Lutheran Social Services, and some of hisĀ comments seemed like they were pulled right out of the Trump playbook:

1. Unsubstantiated claims of a conspiracy: “I have no confidence — I have no certainty that LSS is telling the truth.”

2. Vague references to things he’s hearing: “I’ve had comments off the record that are frankly startling and really alarming.”

3. Using the word “huge:” “If you oppose an audit, that’s fine, but you’re going to go on record opposing it. I think that’ll be a huge mistake. I’ll just wait until I have the majority.”

4. Referring vaguely to the “many, many” people who support the dumb shit he’s doing: “I probably had 15 calls like that.”

5. Claiming that people who hate refugees are the real victims: “To me, whenever there’s bullying going on, that scares me.”

If immigration is such a problem, Mean Read would like to begin immediate deportations… starting with Dave and his relatives, who originate from Norway.

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  1. Norway wouldn’t want anything to do with him. 1930’s Germany would love to have him though.

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