ND Senate Candidate Janne Myrdal Two-Faced on Abortion

State Sen. Janne Myrdal (R-Edinburg)

A tipster has alerted us to inconsistencies in a North Dakota State Senate candidate’s statements on legislating against abortion.

Janne Myrdal, a Republican running in District 10 near Grand Forks, said in an interview late last year that she would not push for anti-abortion legislation if elected.

“I don’t foresee, nor does any other pro-life leader in the state, any other legislation coming forth on the life issue,” Myrdal told the Grand Forks Herald. At the time, she was trying to beat three other Republicans for the party’s endorsement, which she won a few months later.

The Herald reported that Myrdal described herself as “anti-abortion” but “said she doesn’t think there’s much more state legislators can do on that front going forward.”

That’s putting it lightly. North Dakota has tried to enact some of the harshest abortion restrictions in the country. In 2013, the state legislature approved a ban on abortions as early as six weeks into a pregnancy — but it was overturned by a federal judge.

And in 2014, North Dakota voters rejected a “right-to-life” constitutional amendment.

Our tipster provided us with some evidence showing that Myrdal was probably full of shit when she said she doesn’t intend to push for anti-abortion legislation.

First, her campaign literature lists “Defend Life at All Stages” as one of her “Legislative Priorities” if elected.


Also, Myrdal met with a Los Angeles-based conservative activist to discuss anti-abortion strategy earlier this year.

In a Facebook post in January, conservative activist Thomas Schmitz wrote: “I’ve known Janne Myrdal for years. She’s one of my favorite patriots and I’m VERY excited about her ND Senate run! … When North Dakota becomes our first Pro-Life State (It’s coming), Janne is one of the main hard-working people to thank.”


One month later, Schmitz wrote that he was “very excited about my lunch-date w/ #NDsenate candidate Janne Myrdal tomorrow. We’re planning a Pro-Life coup! Myrdal ND Senate is happening! Get ready for Senator Janne to shake things up!”



Schmitz’s bio says he edits the website Conservatives4Palin and is “popular within the conservative wing of the California Republican Party.”

We reached out to Myrdal for comment but she didn’t respond. Her opponent in the race is Democrat Quentin Wenzel.

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  1. Janne = said she would break up the good old boys in Bismarck but supported Wayne Stenhem and was against Burgum – will not reply to email questions on bills she introduced or sponsored – will not do AG opinion stating it is not her job – lied and said she needed majority leader to approve one saying that was state law but will not support any such NDCC! – discriminating Facebook post with swastika – would not talk to me about what bills she was going to introduce or what I wanted introduced – anti gay = voted against updating nd law to mirror US Supreme Court ruling – said she supports shared parenting on talk radio before election but now says she never has supported SP! Hypocrate and lier and needs to be recalled!

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