Minot Daily News Snubs GOP Candidate After Facebook Flub

On Oct. 12, we published screenshots from the private Facebook page of 24-year-old Republican House candidate Matthew Ruby. They show him bragging about drunk driving, receiving a racist Obama-as-chimpanzee meme from his wife, and talking about wanting to shoot guns while drinking alcohol.

On Friday, Ruby’s hometown newspaper, the Minot Daily News, endorsed every single local Republican candidate for state legislature except him.

The Daily News endorsed five Republicans — Sen. David Hogue, Rep. Larry Bellow, Rep. Dan Ruby (Matthew Ruby’s dad), Randy Schobinger and Sen. Karen Krebsbach — and one Democrat, AJ Schultz, for state House and Senate in Minot districts 38 and 40.

A Democrat has not represented either of the districts since 1999.

The state Democratic-NPL Party issued a statement today highlighting the Daily News’ endorsement.

“Endorsing a Democrat is a bold move for the Minot Daily News, which tends to have a staunchly conservative editorial perspective,” the statement reads. “Going back at least a generation, it is highly unusual for the paper to endorse a Democratic candidate.”

We suspect the Daily News would have endorsed Matthew Ruby if not for his Facebook snafu, which was picked up by the conservative Say Anything Blog, then the Daily News and then the Associated Press after being first published here.

Or maybe the Daily News just really loves AJ Schultz. “Democrat AJ Schultz has a wealth of personal and professional experience to bring to public service and has ably presented himself as post-partisan, which is refreshing,” the paper’s editorial reads.

Four other Democrats are running: Richard Rintoul, Susan Rintoul, Heidi Rintoul and Phil Franklin.

As for Matthew Ruby, the editorial mentions his name just once — to note that he’ll be on the ballot.

Here’s a copy of the editorial. It was posted on Facebook by Schobinger, one of the Republican candidates, who blocked out AJ Schultz’s name.


And here’s the list of candidates:

District 38
Sen. David Hogue (incumbent)
Rep. Dan Ruby (incumbent)
Rep. Larry Bellow (incumbent)
Richard Rintoul
Susan Rintoul

District 40
Sen. Karen Krebsbach (incumbent)
Randy Schobinger
Matthew Ruby
AJ Schultz
Phil Franklin
Heidi Rintoul

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