Doug Burgum Endorses Man Who Calls Gays “Sinful”

North Dakota’s favorite son Doug Burgum (pictured) has endorsed a legislative candidate who calls gay people “sinful” and refers to them as “the sodomites.”

It’s the latest low point for Burgum, the Republican candidate for North Dakota governor who enthusiastically endorsed Donald Trump earlier this year.

Doug recently endorsed Dave Clemens, a Republican running for state senate in West Fargo’s District 16.

“We need leaders like Dave Clemens … to strengthen our economy and lead North Dakota forward,” Burgum is quoted as saying in a new mailer ad.


In fact, Dave Clemens is the last person who’s qualified to take us forward, considering his mindset is stuck in 8th century Palestine.

“The sodomites can be married by the sodomites,” he lamented in a 2013 Facebook post following the legalization of same-sex marriage in Minnesota.


More recently, in 2015, Clemens came out publicly against churches welcoming gay and lesbian ministers. “This will only worsen as sinful behavior only leads to deeper sins,” he wrote.


Aside from his views on “the sodomites,” here’s what Clemens said in a debate last week about restricting voting as the state becomes “more diverse:”

“We are becoming a more diverse community, and I think some of that may constitute and require a little stricter guidelines when it comes to voting.”

Doug loves bigots!

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  1. Doug Burgum is turning out to be a great disappointment

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