Trump Manservant Kevin Cramer Calls His Democratic Challenger “Desperate”

Kevin Cramer

US. Rep Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.), who brings Donald Trump a carafe of warm milk each night before bed, called Democrat challenger Chase Iron Eyes “a very desperate young man” in a debate yesterday.

Iron Eyes had complained that Cramer refuses to debate in front of a live audience, preferring the in-studio debate.

We don’t see how that makes Iron Eyes “desperate,” but we’re happy Cramer used the word, because it reminds us of someone else: Kevin Cramer.

One of Trump’s earliest supporters, Cramer has been a vocal apologist for the Republican presidential nominee, apparently in the hopes of getting a sweet, sweet cabinet spot in Trump’s administration.

When Trump called a federal judge biased by his Mexican heritage, Cramer said, “Donald Trump offends everyone equally.”

When a video showed Trump bragging about grabbing women “by the pussy,” Cramer said, “I would fully expect that his attitude and demeanor would have changed in the meantime and going forward.”

And around the time women began to come forward accusing Trump of sexual assault, Cramer said, “What is best for the people who elected me is Donald Trump.”

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Perhaps recognizing that his Trump cheerleading is eroding his manliness, Cramer said last week that he would probably turn down a cabinet position if offered one in the Trump White House.

“I’m not very interested, quite honestly,” said the two-term congressman. “And the reason I’m not is for me, my goal as North Dakota’s congressman is to pass really good, important policy.”

Sure, Kevin.

For now, Cramer — who once said that “the idea that CO2 is somehow causing global warming is on its face fraudulent” — continues his role as Trump’s “energy advisor.”

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