GOP Ad Attacks Fargo Legislator for Voting Same Way as Top Republicans

A website targeting Fargo Rep. Josh Boschee’s legislative record faults him with voting on several occasions with the Republican House leadership.

The website,, was paid for the North Dakota Republican Party. It says Boschee, a Democrat and North Dakota’s first openly gay legislator, voted against cancer research, child care facilities and helping the homeless and .

“So just what does Joshua Boschee support? How about … using your money to buy a ski resort!” the ad reads.

Republicans have been plugging the website in print ads in the High Plains Reader.


The funny thing about this ad is that the GOP is criticizing Boschee for votes in which he aligned with Republican House leaders.

Take House Bill 1019, which included funding to buy a ski resort. 52 House members voted for it, including Boschee and three top Republicans: Majority Leader Al Carlson, Assistant Majority Leader Don Vigesaa and Majority Caucus Leader Joe Heilman.

House Bill 1018 included $1 million in funding for cancer research. 33 house members voted against it, including Boschee and two top Republicans: Assistant Majority Leader Vigesaa and House Speaker Bill Devlin.

“The cancer research funding, homeless grants, and child care facility grants were all under the Dept of Commerce Appropriations bill (HB1018) in 2015,” Boschee told us via email. “I along with 30 Republicans and 2 other Democrats voted against the Dept of Commerce budget as it is an agency that many legislators love to hate as there are many programs that receive millions of dollars with no accountability. My vote was a protest vote that while we were making decisions about funding priorities, I felt these funds could be better used in other areas.”

Boschee adds, “My involvement with (Vice President Joe Biden’s) Cancer Moonshot Summit, leading the FM Coalition for Homeless Persons and work with local childcare providers speak much louder than this vote against a runaway agency.”

As for the ski resort vote, “it was a line item that was part of the 2013 state Parks and Recreation budget in which 31 other Republicans, including Al Carlson, 7 Cass County Republicans and several House Republican Appropriations members voted with me,” Boschee writes.

We’re sure that in light of this information, the GOP will start running ads against their party leadership highlighting rampant ski-resort-loving in their ranks.