Fargo Legislator Calls Hillary Clinton A “Lying Bitch”

Fargo Rep. Randy Boehning

A tipster has sent us private Facebook screenshots in which North Dakota House Rep. Randy Boehning (R-Fargo) calls Hillary Clinton a “lying bitch” and says something incoherent about “an early death.”

In one thread, someone named Jeff Liebelt suggests Clinton should be killed: “I’m not saying trump is the answer but hillary is a nightmare, just an extension of Obama. Horrible people. Why is there no assassination attempts anymore.”


Further down, Boehning writes this incoherent mess: “If she gets in 4 years of and scandals and more dinners with the reporters and promises of something, maybe not to die an early death.”


We’re not sure if Boehning was drunk, or if he’s just incapable of forming a proper sentence.

Boehning writes that he “will never respect Hillary as president period she is a lier and pay to play” (his spelling, not ours). He adds, “I respect the office but not a bitch that she is.”


When someone brings up Jeb Bush, Boehning writes, “The weasel Jeb is not running it’s about lying bitch Hillary.”

Boehning also pushes a conspiracy theory that FBI Director James Comey’s life might be in danger: “Comey must of had death threats from Hillary, Obama and the AG. It’s very plausible as lots of people around the B have died mysteriously.”


Comey has been investigating Clinton’s use of a private email server.

At one point, Boehning writes, “It’s time to clean up my Facebook.”


In a public post Oct. 28, Boehning also addressed the allegations of Trump groping women. “At least there are people to grop at a Trump rally no one shows up for a Hillary rally,” Boehning writes.


Boehning, by the way, is famous for voting against legal protections for gay people while also being an active user of the gay hookup app Grindr.

At Mean Read, we are very concerned not only with Boehner’s hostility, but also his apparent lack of basic spelling and grammar skills.

In the spirit of generosity, we ask you to donate to a GoFundMe account we’ve started to pay for one private English lesson for Randy.

We left Randy a message seeking comment on his Clinton views but haven’t heard back. We will also be reaching out to the ND GOP and will update with any response.

Here’s a picture of Randy:


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