The North Dakota Election Was Rigged

Secretary of State Al Jaeger is North Dakota's top election official.

Someone needs to sue Republican Secretary of State Al Jaeger for his abominable, horrible, sloppy, irresponsible, reprehensible handling of the election this year.

Here are a few lies election officials fed to North Dakotans, according to news reports: they had to update their current address before voting; they needed an ID to vote; they could lose student financial aid by voting.

All are false.

This is a huge fuck up. In some legislative races, Democrats and Republicans were separated by as few as tens of votes.

First of all, understand one thing: In North Dakota, you do not need an ID to vote. Anyone can vote, anywhere in the state, without ID, by signing a sworn statement of residency. That’s it. Period.

North Dakota Republicans do not want it that way. They tried to make voting more difficult in 2013 by passing a voter ID law. But a federal judge this year blocked the law because it unfairly burdens Native Americans.

This election, Jaeger and his election official cronies took a huge shit on the federal judge and his ruling. They decided to go ahead with their old rules to suppress turnout.

Yesterday, at polling stations in Cass County, the state’s most populous county, there were signs telling people an ID was required to vote. This is a lie.

Cass County Elections Coordinator DeAnn Buckhouse told the Forum, “Hopefully before too long, we’ll get that corrected.”

“Before too long?” She said this on Election Day. Hold on, it gets worse.

At a polling station at the Fargo Public Library, a 21-year-old was told to update her address on a government website before voting. She tried doing it on her smartphone, but it wasn’t working.

Election officials were trolling her. She wasn’t required to update her address. All she had to do was sign a sworn statement of residency and be done with it.

It gets worse. Students who tried to vote early at North Dakota State University were told “they could jeopardize their financial aid or scholarships by changing their residency status to vote,” even though this is a bunch of bullshit.

Per NDSU: “Financial aid is federally issued and therefore would not be impacted by where a student votes. Scholarships would only be impacted if a condition of the scholarship is tied to a specific state residency. However this would be highly unlikely for out-of-state NDSU students.”

The people pushing the “You’ll lose your scholarship if you vote!” scare tactic have not put forth one example — not one — when this has ever happened.

It’s nothing but a garbage claim that elections officials have been peddling in recent weeks, as we reported first on this blog. It was even promoted on the North Dakota University System’s website for a while, until Nov. 2, when it was removed under threat of a voter intimidation lawsuit.

Trump was right. The election was rigged. Have a nice day.

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