Fargo TV Anchor Fueled Fake #NoDAPL News

Valley News Live's Chris Berg casually lurking.

Craigslist.com, the website famous for accuracy and reliability, was the source of a fake news outbreak in Fargo last week.

On Tuesday, an anonymous ad popped up offering to pay people $50 to protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline by shutting down the West Acres Mall on Friday, Nov. 18, at 4 p.m.


Despite having all the hallmarks of a hoax, it was reported by most of the major local outlets, starting with KVLY-TV’s idiot anchor Chris Berg.

“Someone is soliciting to pay #NoDAPL protesters in Fargo via Craigslist,” Berg reported. “He is inviting people to show up at West Acres Mall this Friday to protest the pipeline.”

The Craiglist ad doesn’t indicate the gender of the person who posted it. So how did Berg know it’s a “he”? Could it be because Berg posted the ad himself?

Berg continued, “The protesters want you to believe this is an organic movement, and for many of them it may be what is in their hearts, and unfortunately paying protesters takes away and diminishes and discredits the people that are sincerely standing with Standing Rock.”

The pseudo-story was also covered by the Fargo Forum, WDAY-TV, and KVRR-TV. The exception appears to be KFGO Radio.

So how did that protest go on Friday? Tons of people must have shown up. After all, the Craigslist ad offered $50 per adult protester and $20 per child. It even offered $1,000 to anyone who “quit their job to protest full-time.”

There was no protest. Via WDAY: “It seems no one made good on an offer to protest at the mall for money. … Mall security and Fargo police monitored the situation, but no disturbances were reported.”

No shit.

In other news, we recently noticed this ad for “Paid Pro-DAPL Protesters Needed” in Fargo. Can’t wait for Berg to get on this!


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