Religious Columnist Calls Trump Win “A Great Day for Women”

Roxane Salonen was the subject of a "phony" letter to the editor.

Gaslighting enthusiast Roxane Salonen, the Fargo Forum’s religious columnist, says sexual predator Donald Trump’s victory on Tuesday was “a great day for women.”

Roxane, a moral Christian thinker, says she is optimistic about the man who said he grabs women “by the pussy,” kisses them “without even asking,” and faces at least 10 public accusations of sexual assault.

“Now that the results are in, I can agree that yes, it was not only a great day for women and girls, but children of both genders who will now have a better chance of being recognized as valuable, not just because of their gender, but because they exist at all,” she wrote this week on her blog.

Roxane used to be on the “Never Trump” train but it looks like his anti-abortion views led her to vote for him.

A frequent protester outside the state’s only abortion clinic, in Fargo, Roxane writes that she noticed clinic volunteers “in mourning” following the election results.

“So perhaps you could say that in some ways, we were all united today; the escorts’ tears over disappointing election results mixed with our tears over the fact that the scourge of abortion even exists.”

Roxane loves when everyone is crying.

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