Hateful Religious Columnist Wonders if She’s “Welcome” at Rally Against Hate

Roxane Salonen was the subject of a "phony" letter to the editor.

In a bewildering moment of irony, hate-speech practitioner Roxane Salonen has asked if she’d be “welcomed” at an upcoming anti-hate protest in Fargo.

Salonen, the Fargo Forum’s religious columnist, is known for a dizzying array of reprehensible beliefs, such as:

– Homosexuality is a “ lifestyle
– Gay people should be celibate
– People who believe in God are more “grateful” than non-believers
– The election of Donald Trump was a “great day for women
– Abortion clinic volunteers are “wily wasps
– Sandy Hook Elementary shooter Adam Lanza “did count for something good

We could go on…

Next Saturday in Fargo, a big protest called March Against Hate will target “violence, degradation and dehumanization.” The event page says, “Let’s show our friends and neighbors that love trumps hate and that it has no place in our community or anywhere.”

Somehow, the anti-hate rally piqued Roxane’s interest. But she’s not sure if it would be a “safe space” for someone with her levels of bigotry.

“Is this an organization for people of all political persuasions and worldviews?” she writes on the event page. “Will I as a Catholic be welcomed? I like the idea. Just wondering if it’s open to all.”


Let’s see… considering the protest will be held on Veterans Memorial Bridge, which my sources tell me is public property, we’re going to take a shot in the dark and assume that yes, it is open to all. And no, we don’t think that attendees will be required to disclose their religious affiliation prior to participating, so being Catholic shouldn’t be a issue.

We think what Salonen really wants to know is, Will this protest be just like the anti-abortion protests she’s used to attending. And to that, the answer is no.

A few Facebook users questioned Salonen’s intentions, with one wondering if she’s only interested in using the protest as the basis for a “disingenuous” column. We find this scenario highly likely.

But Salonen defends her innocence:

“Actually I hadn’t even considered a column. … Interesting that in a thread about an event to promote love I would automatically be assumed to be an adversary. So now I’m questioning if there are political agendas underlying this event.”

She adds, “I’m a writer. But I’m a person too.”


Salonen feeling dehumanized? Maybe now she’ll rethink dehumanizing others for a living.

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