Religious Columnist Used To Be Pro-Choice Because It Was “Mesmerizing”

Roxane Salonen was the subject of a "phony" letter to the editor.

Roxane Salonen, the Fargo Forum’s religious columnist, is known for being a staunch anti-abortion activist.

But in college, back when things were so darn mesmerizing, she was pro-choice. Yes, it’s true.

We stumbled across one of Salonen’s earliest contributions to the Forum’s opinion pages, in 2003. She offers this tidbit:

“I am one who formerly considered myself pro-choice but has since moved to the other side. The pro-choice influences I found on my college campus were mesmerizing, and I innocently was swept away in the thinking that while I personally did not agree with abortion, I could never make that decision for someone else. Once I came to see the truth that life is life from its beginning, the realization that abortion is morally wrong quickly followed.”

Flash forward to 2016, and Salonen’s calling abortion clinic volunteers a bunch of “wily wasps.