Right-Wing Blogger Depends on Thesaurus for Survival

Rob Port

Rob Port, North Dakota’s famous right-wing blogger, has the writing skills of a 10th grader but thinks he’s William F. Buckley.

We’re not sure why he does this, but his stories are filled with fancy words that seem like they’ve been harvested from a well-worn thesaurus.

Maybe he thinks that flowery language will make his dumb ideas seem smarter. But the result is that he comes off as a pretentious idiot.

A couple weeks ago, he wrote about the “mendacious” Democrats, who were guilty of “prevarication” because of their big “fib.”


Unsurprisingly, Rob often uses these fancy words incorrectly. He recently claimed that the word “dick” is a “euphemism,” when it’s the opposite.

Today in his Fargo Forum column, Port writes: “There lays the problem.” The correct expression is, “Therein lies the problem.”

But the worst thing about Port’s writing is his obsession with the word “troglodyte,” a synonym for “caveman” that should be used once a year at most.

Here are a few examples:

“One common trope in modern politics is to take a political position, hang a lab coat on it and brand it “science” and then accuse anyone opposing your position of being some sort of unenlightened, anti-science troglodyte.9/9/15

“Because a flag is easier for pundits and politicians and social media troglodytes to froth at the mouth about, 80’s television reruns and gift store inventories end up in the crosshairs.” 6/1/15

“But the Democrats are trying to be competitive in a few legislative races, and to that end they’ve deployed a talking point every bit as mendacious as anything uttered this year by Trump the troglodyte or Clinton the crook.” 10/6/16

“The claim most often made in these jeremiads was I, a knuckle-dragging conservative troglodyte, was trying to stigmatize mental health treatment.” 11/20/16

“There are millions and millions of Americans who are tired of being painted as troglodytes because they’re not sure if being gay should give someone the right to conscript the unwilling services of a wedding photographer.” 11/9/16

Rob is the most mendacious troglodyte of them all

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  1. Tom and Laura Asbridge | December 11, 2016 at 11:14 pm |

    “Rob is the most mendacious troglodyte of them all”. Me thinks you are giving him way too much credit. He is just noise. Sadly, for several years now. the noise machine has changed the face of American politics. The media, the religious community and neither political party has done much push back. Dumbing down a population is easy, enlightenment takes a lot more effort.

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