Fargo Forum Editorial Says Use of Water Hoses at #NoDAPL Protest Was “Legitimate”

Dakota Access pipeline protesters being sprayed with water.

The Fargo Forum, the nation’s last remaining objective newspaper, published an editorial today claiming that other media are too nice to the Dakota Access Pipeline protesters.

Last week, for example, law enforcement in Morton County received lots of attention for spraying protesters with water in freezing weather. That’s evidence of media bias, according to the Forum editorial:

“The nation is getting a purposeful misrepresentation of the situation — whether it’s the legitimate reason water hoses were used a few days ago (to put out a fire), or the abysmal lack of factual reporting about the science, engineering and safety of the oil pipeline that would be installed 100 feet below the lakebed of Lake Oahe.”

The editorial goes on to accuse the pipeline protesters of a list of bad things, including “killing a nearby rancher’s cattle” and “defacing the state Capitol building.”

We haven’t seen reports of anybody being charged in connection with these two incidents. So how is the Forum editorial so sure protesters were behind them?

Even right-wing blogger Rob Port, who works for Forum Communications, didn’t blame protesters for the Capitol building vandalism when he wrote about it earlier this month.

“We don’t actually know who did this,” Port wrote. “It could have been pipeline protesters. It could have been pipeline supporters trying to make the protesters look bad. It could have been a couple of random teenage knuckleheads.”

It’s a sad day when the Fargo Forum makes Rob Port seem reasonable by comparison.