Dickinson Pastor Says Protest of Muslim Registry Is Un-Christian

Pastor Jeff Morton, a moral Christian, isn’t sure whether a registry of American Muslims is a bad idea.

“It may be true that the wrongful internment of Japanese American citizens began with a registry, but is that what will happen in 2017? We don’t know yet,” Morton wrote in the Dickinson Press newspaper this week.

Morton makes sure we’re aware that “in the past” he has “stood with and supported Muslims who faced discrimination.” But this case isn’t clear-cut enough for him.

Forcing people of a certain religion to register with a government database is possibly something Jesus would endorse, in Morton’s warped mind.

Because he has nothing better to do, Morton uses his column to criticize a friend, nicknamed “Jack,” who is Christian but pledged to sign up for a Muslim registry in protest if President-Elect Donald Trump ever gets around to starting it.

Morton, who couldn’t see the point if it slapped him in the face, says it’s wrong for a Christian to sign up for a Muslim registry because “Christians are not Muslims. Muslims are not Christians.”

He adds: “I will not become part of a registry of ‘those submitted to Allah of the Qur’an’ because I am not submitted to the god of the Qur’an.”

Morton tells Jack to “follow Jesus. There’s no error in loving Jesus.”

But there is error in listening to Pastor Jeff.

You can access his full column here.

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