Anti-Gay Couple Seeks To “Glorify God Through Top Media Production”

Angel and Carl Larsen

Carl and Angel Larson run a video company in St. Cloud, Minn., with a nonsensical goal: “glorify God through top-quality media production.”

But for some reason, they don’t want to deploy their divine production values to film same-sex weddings.

This week the “Bible-loving Christians” sued the state of Minnesota, demanding the right to discriminate against gays.

Listing objectionable activities they refuse to associate with, the Larsens lump same-sex marriage in with “racism,” “inciting violence or degrading women” and “destruction of unborn children.”

However, they do not appear to have any policy against the destruction of born children. So if you have destroyed a born child, and need wedding videography, try the Larsens. They might be able to help you — as long as you’re not gay.


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