What Schmuck Would Spend $25,000 to Sit Next to Doug Burgum?

At his inauguration next month, North Dakota governor-elect Doug Burgum will sit at a table with someone who paid $25,000 for two seats next to him.

The game is, Guess who would do that.

Despite it being an official event, people who pay for inauguration seats don’t have to disclose their identity to the state, according to right-wing blogger Rob Port.

So we have to guess.

Think about who you know that has $25,000 to burn and would love to chat with an insufferable tech bro turned politician.

This person has to be insufferable him or herself. We’re inclined to guess Fargo Commissioner Dave Piepkorn, but we don’t think he has the money.

If you have a better guess, let us know: tips@meanread.com.


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