Desperate ND Gov Blames “Social Media” For His Failure on DAPL

It’s become apparent to everyone that North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple’s leadership was nonexistent during the Dakota Access pipeline fiasco.

Even the conservative commentator Chris Berg of Valley News Live couldn’t help but ridicule the governor’s inability to reach a negotiation with pipeline protesters.

The Fargo Forum revealed that Jack has sent and received a total of zero (0) emails regarding the pipeline protest, despite it being the most significant issue in the state over the past few months. How is that possible?

Under his watch, the state has become a symbol of bullying to audiences worldwide for the ham-handed law enforcement response to the pipeline protests. And at the end of it all, the federal government decided to deny a necessary easement where the pipeline hoped to cross Lake Oahe.

In short, Dalrymple failed on every imaginable front.

Yesterday the lame-duck governor, who resembles less a duck and more a naked mole rat, met with the Forum Editorial Board to make a big announcement: It’s social media’s fault.

“There’s a new paradigm,” he said, referring to social media. “I try to do what I can, but I’m not match for that organization.”

So the governor, with all the authority of the state behind him, says he’s powerless in the face of Facebook shares. Very weak.

Obviously grasping for straws, Dalrymple also blamed the Dakota Access pipeline company for “abdicating” its role to publicly defend the project.

“It’s as safe a pipe as you can build,” Dalrymple pointed out, oblivious that pipelines have been leaking all over the state, including one just this week.

Lt. Gov. Drew Wrigley, also in attendance at the editorial board meeting, came up with a unique scapegoat of his own: Native Americans!

“The Native Americans are being used, absolutely being used, by these outside agitators,” he said.

Speaking of “being used,” Dalrymple has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from the oil industry.


24 Comments on "Desperate ND Gov Blames “Social Media” For His Failure on DAPL"

  1. “Outside agitators?” Really? The sad aspect to this statement is that he probably believes this – but like so many of his ilk, he has no grasp of reality … I would love to hear his version of what the goals of these “outside agitators” might be? What does an “outside agitator look like?” Who sent these outside agitators? Are they paid to agitate? Does George Soros advertise to hire them on Craig’s List? Tell us more!

  2. The internet is providing Independent News coverage that isn’t acting like his personal propaganda machine. News from independent witnesses who are not simply acting as his stenographer and reporting what he says as fact. Actual Journalists who make a point of being present at the site who can witness for themselves the outrageous abuses of power. Where we have video of the the civil rights abuses and brutality brought down on unarmed people. Even his own men reveal their contemptuous attitude in the way they talk about the Water Protectors. The disgusting prejudice and violence these people have had to live with is appalling and shameful for ND.

  3. Bullying , Racism, and HATRED are the ONLY THINGS ND has been KNOWN FOR! Hope you FAT ASS AND THAT PIPELINE ARE GONE SOON!

  4. “Outside Agitators!” exclaimed the Inside Conspirator!

  5. Governor, Social Media is made up of PEOPLE. It is PEOPLE who think you are a corrupt inept incompetent leader, not some vague construct of “social media” that exists in your mind. People think you suck as governor because you DO suck as governor. Deal with it.

  6. You should be arrested and thrown out of office. Your “service” to the people of North Dakota is deplorable.

  7. His greed and self importance, and extreme racism did not work in his favor.

  8. North Dakota is the poster child for the past; fossil fuel extraction at whatever cost to the environment. The future Trump Administration and the Republi-con controlled Congress should take notice. If they insist on rolling back progress made by the Obama Administration on climate change and the transition from dirty and toxic fossil fuel to sustainable energy, they will garner the same determined opposition. Native Americans, environmentalists and other protectors are the future, and they are becoming expert at exploiting social media. The evildoers like Gov. Dalrymple, as he stated himself, are no match for this new social juggernaut because they are on the wrong side of the issue. They have, fossil fuel interests, the uber banks, multi-millionaire and billionaire investors, and the red state political panderers, but the Earth Protectors have everyone else. Its no contest.

  9. Assholes treated peaceful protestor like animals he needs to be fired or in jail

  10. Don’t try to sell crazy here Governor. We’re all full.s

  11. Having been to bismark I only herd 3 north Dakota accents and everybody else was from somewhere other then north Dakota meaning all the workers in the dakota’s are from somewhere else

  12. Congrats, Governor Dapl. You now get to have tens of millions of people all over the world celebrating the failure of the pipeline and the end of your career.

  13. He pulled the wool over his eyes so he couldn’t see,he put ear plugs in so he couldn’t hear the cries of Peaceful Water Protectors, what he didn’t count on was FB ,being the Media for Standing Rock,Worldwide,and still he didn’t care,Well the World does,No Heart No Soul,#nodapl #waterislife,

  14. Shame on you. You are the one who approves the actions of the authorities and needs to take your racist ass off office

  15. ND is an embarrassment to this country. Morton County officials need to be made to answer for their unlawful actions against water protectors. We need to show the universe that such behavior is against everything Americans stand for. The USA should be a part of the solutions needed now and no longer be part of the problems. Let’s clean house!

  16. The statement regarding “0 e-mails” needs to be followed up. I know for a fact he received at LEAST one – because I sent it – from Canada!!

  17. A problem with so many, especially in North Dakota, South Dakota, and other states in Indian Country is that a majority of its non Indian population are racist, and this has opened the flood gate to their racism
    There’s the 8th Amendment of the Constitution of which this Governor and his fascist police state have violated, but the sheep, and ignorant population of North Dakota wouldn’t know that.
    I’m glad the world sees the blatant racism that has existed since the first invasion of this land. As long as Indians are being complacent Indians all is well, but if they dare to speak up, stand up then the status quo is to suppress with violence. That’s the way it is and has always been.
    Blaming on Outsiders is a perfect example of that mind set, see our Indians don’t have the intelligence to speak up, they have to be influenced by outsiders, that is in itself a racist attitude.

  18. So, Social Media and Native American’s are the cause of the DAPL issue? He is so extremely out of touch with his constituents and these times. Like nearly every reply comment above, which I agree with, he has shown the world how a corrupt, racist establishment political hack ruins his career in government. Cannot wait for Governor DAPL to lose his job. Disgusting and deplorable behavior ignoring heinous crimes against humanity in the face of oil and money.

  19. If it wasn’t for social media, the truth would not ever came out how the local,state, federal and the oil company thugs treated peaceful American Citizens on American soil. We as the Average Americans saw in our own eyes how the government’s all put the corporation’s money before the people’s lives.

  20. I live on a reservation in Idaho I’ve seen and felt the acts if racism and realize it is both sides. But here in North Dakota it has been brought front and center. The government truly showed it side. These people were for everyone no matter nationality the only prejudice they show was for the burial site sacred to them. There’s the shame in this. Now to blame the for you ineptness is an embarrassment for the office you stand for. Wake up north Dakota clean house get rid of the trash.

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