Inferior Candidate Appointed to Moorhead Council Without Interview

Fifteen Moorhead residents applied to fill an open city council seat.

After submitting written applications and resumes, they were told they’d be interviewed on Dec. 12. Instead, on Monday a majority of council members voted to appoint a stay-at-home mother named Melissa Fabian.

Generally, when you apply for a job, you do an interview. The interview helps determine if you are the right person for the job. Except if you’re applying for a job on Moorhead City Council.

Apparently, Melissa Fabian is so fabulously qualified that there’s no need for a council interview. Because she blows all the candidates out of the water with her fabulousness.

Except she doesn’t, as the Forum’s Michael McFeely noted.

Each candidate submitted a resume and written application.

Under “Experience,” Fabian’s resume lists “Stay-at-Home Mom and Volunteer” as her occupation from 2001 to present. Before that, she worked in PR  for Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine, which we’ve never heard of. Before that, she was an associate manager at the Gap, which we have heard of. Under education, she lists an undergraduate degree from Moorhead State University.

On her written application, she lists her “leadership positions:” “co-chair of the Moorhead School Naming Task Force” and “co-chair of the Moorhead Youth Hockey Association Fall Social Committee.”

With these major accomplishments under her belt, she received the votes of Council members Nancy Otto, Brenda Elmer, Steve Gehrtz and Mike Hulett.

Three other council members preferred another candidate, software executive Shinwar Mayi.

Mayi previously worked as a Kurdish language interpreter, rehab center volunteer, sheriff’s volunteer, Lutheran Social Services worker, U.S. Attorney clerk, and United Nations host country affairs adviser.

In addition to graduating from North Dakota State University with honors, she earned a master’s from Indiana State University with a 3.94 GPA.

Mayi’s credentials are impressive. Too impressive, clearly, for public service.

As Councilman Gehrtz explained on Monday, the bar shouldn’t be set too high. “We’re not appointing a Supreme Court justice here,” he said.



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