Kevin Cramer Flip-Flops on Trump Appointment “After Praying”

Kevin Cramer

Not long ago, North Dakota congressman Kevin Cramer said he didn’t want to serve in Donald Trump’s administration.

“I’m not very interested, quite honestly,” he told the Dickinson Press in October.

The Press reported:

U.S. Rep. Kevin Cramer, R-N.D., would prefer to remain in Congress even if offered a position on Donald Trump’s cabinet, if Trump wins the election.

However, Cramer said he would never rule out the possibility entirely, but that he felt he could best serve from the House rather than the executive branch.

Translation: “I can serve people better as a congressman, but I’m not going to rule out serving people worse by joining the White House.”

Yesterday, Cramer said he does want that Trump appointment, after all. So why did he change his mind? Was it after thoughtful analysis of the pros and cons? Did he consult experts and advisers?

“Kris and I after praying about it decided the best course of action was to place it in [Trump’s] hands,” he told WDAY Radio.





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