ND Blogger Compares DAPL Obstruction to Trail of Tears

Blogger Rob Port

North Dakota conservative blogger Rob Port offers a masterclass in false equivalency in an article about the recent protests against the Dakota Access pipeline.

Native Americans are right to fight for something better for themselves. But they are not going to fix the sorry legacy of past injustices perpetrated by our federal government by joining with political extremists in urging the federal government to perpetrate modern injustices.

Port believes that the obstruction of an oil pipeline is a “modern injustice” akin to  “past injustices perpetrated by our government” against Native Americans.

Actually, there’s a big difference. So big that there’s no comparison between the two.

On the one hand, you have an event like the Trail of Tears, where up to 15,000 Cherokee died while being forcefully relocated by the federal government.

On the other hand, you have the federal government decision to deny an easement for an oil pipeline route.

One of these cases is far more serious. Can you figure out which one? Port can’t.


3 Comments on "ND Blogger Compares DAPL Obstruction to Trail of Tears"

  1. I cannot believe how unbelievably stupid Port presents himself to be…

  2. Port- significant bag of gas

  3. Any Port in a forum. He deserves some credit for twisting the facts. As when he turned Mary Schneider’s comments on the refugee bill into personal slander of Rep. Olson. Carlson fell for it by warning legislators not to impugn the character of fellow legislators, a trick he learned from Mitch McConnell. Sad.

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