Burgum’s Vision: A Boutique On Every Street

North Dakota Governor-Elect Doug Burgum has a plan to turn other North Dakota cities into “mini-Fargos,” the Associated Press reports.

It’s part of his “Main Street Initiative,” in which he promises “to turn downtown areas into vibrant social and economic hubs that are attractive to live in.”

Imagine a revitalized downtown Tioga, with it’s own olive oil shop, craft store, fine art gallery and loft apartments. With those kinds of amenities, no one will ever leave Tioga again.

According to AP, “It remains to be seen whether residents of North Dakota’s cities will warm to the idea of becoming mini-Fargos and what it will cost to make it happen statewide, but both Democrats and Republicans say the plan has merit.”

What is “the plan,” exactly? And who will pay for it? The AP story doesn’t answer such trivial questions.

No matter… we can trust Burgum’s instincts. After all, he’s a millionaire software developer, so he’s in tune with how the world works. As an example, here’s his explanation for how people decide where to live:

“Today people pick up a magazine and they say, hey, where is a cool community to live, where are things happening, and is that a place I want to live. Then they decide to live there and look for a job.”

Yup. Just the other day, we asked a guy, “Hey, why’d ya move here?” And he said, “A magazine, duh.”

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  1. Keep electing rich white men!! they care about you!

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