Doug Burgum Corporatizes Governor’s Office Structure

North Dakota Governor-Elect Doug Burgum announced today he will give corporate names to positions within the governor’s office to make it more business-like.

As part of the “new structure,” he is “creating Chief Operating Officer and Chief Administrative Officer roles,” says communications director Mike Nowatzki, who until a few days ago was reporting on Burgum’s campaign for the Fargo Forum.

This implies that Burgum is North Dakota’s Chief Executive Officer. So will he change his title from “governor” to “CEO”? Might as well.

Burgum’s staff picks are:

COO: Jodi Uecker, who worked for Burgum’s old company Great Plains Software.

CAO: Jodee Hanson, who worked for Burgum’s old company Great Plains Software.

Senior Advisor: Ron Rauschenberger, who is Gov. Jack Dalrymple’s chief of staff.

General Counsel: Leslie Oliver of the Vogel Law Firm

Governor’s Executive Assistant: Justin Schulz, a former marine.

Director of Agency Operations: Rebecca Ternes, deputy insurance commissioner and a former banker.

Policy Advisor: Robert Lauf, a young kid who worked on Burgum’s campaign.

Policy Advisor: Levi Bachmeier, a young kid who worked on Burgum’s campaign.

Policy Advisor: Cassandra Torstenson, who works for the Department of Transportation.

Communications Director: Mike Nowatzki, a former journalist who covered Burgum’s political campaign and then joined it.

“An opening remains for a communications position within the administration,” Nowatzki adds.


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