Drew Wrigley’s New Job Is Twitter Comedian

There has been a lot of speculation lately about what former Lieutenant Governor Drew Wrigley will do next. Another run for public office is possible, but it’s hampered by his 2015 admission that he fucked around on his wife.

Today, we learned the answer. Wrigley is transitioning to his new role as Twitter comedian.

In the past 24 hours, Wrigley has posted a steady stream of jokey tweets, videos and pictures.

You can see Drew switching into more comfortable pants; witness him throwing his shaving blade into the trash; and admire three pictures of his dishwasher in action.

Drew wrote a “to-do” list, which includes: “Call the Governor’s office and tell them exactly how to solve the DAPL situation.”

The joke would be funnier if Drew and his governor, Jack Dalrymple, hadn’t done such a pathetic job responding to the Dakota Access pipeline protests this past year.

Moving on, Drew takes us to Barnes and Noble, where he reveals that he doesn’t know what “Manga” is.

Tweeting a picture of the “History” book section, Wrigley writes, “This one seems to hit a little too close to home today…”

We’re not sure what he means by that. But for us, it’s a reference to cheating on his wife and how it bit him in the ass.

One of the last unfinished items on his “to-do” list is “Shovel.”

He’ll need one to bury his dead career.

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