No Questions Allowed at Gov Burgum’s First Press Conference

Our fearless governor

Last Thursday, Doug Burgum graciously invited reporters to listen to him talk for about 15 minutes during his first cabinet meeting as North Dakota governor.

Then he “ushered them out without taking questions,” the Associated Press reported.

When the AP pointed this out in a story this week, Forum Communications blogger Rob Port jumped at the opportunity to defend Burgum.

“The guy has only been in office since December 14, and it’s not like he was avoiding the media. He did an interview with me yesterday,” Port wrote.

Translation: “The governor gives me plenty of media access so who cares if he won’t answer questions at a press conference?”

It’s very courageous for Burgum to grant Port interviews since Port has “been quite critical” of Burgum, according to Port.

It must be really tough for a Republican governor to talk to a conservative blogger.

Clearly, Burgum wants tight control of his message. That’s why he recently announced his pro-Dakota Access pipeline views in a Youtube video.

By making the video, he didn’t have to deal with a horde of pesky journalists dissecting his words in real-time. Also, he could add a meditative audio track in the background.



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