Man Who Hates NDSU Football Also Thinks Obama Is Like Hitler

A man wrote a newspaper letter bashing the North Dakota State University football team, and reactions have ranged from stunned to furious.

John Kubenski Jr. of Jamestown described the Bison team as “failures” because they¬†lost a semifinal game on Saturday.

“They are disgraceful in every sense. The coach should be fired as well as the offensive and defensive coaches. The team should be looked down upon.”

Letters in response have poured in. Josh Sayler of Fargo called Kubenski “callous,” adding, “you truly disgust me.” Another writer claimed Kubenski is a “troll.”

We did a little research and discovered that Kubenski has a history of inflaming the community through newspaper letters.

He sent an anti-Obama screed to the Jamestown Sun in 2008.

“What is funny is that people are so drawn to this idiot just like the people were drawn to Hitler,” Kubenski wrote. “If he gets into office the Islamic radicals will dance in the streets knowing that they have a supporter in the White House. Also the only people who will mostly benefit from his administration will be the minorities.”

After Donald Trump was elected, Kubenski sent a letter to the Sun about anti-Trump protesters.

“These people should be labeled as anarchists and terrorists and should be dealt with severely with arrests and other excessive force.”

The Sun once published a letter titled, “Kubenski’s letters use Sun to spread message of hate.” Until recently, he directed his anger only at Democrats. Now nothing is sacred.


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