UND Officer Responded to Pipeline Protest; NDSU Police Stayed out of It

The University of North Dakota Police Department helped law enforcement respond to the Dakota Access pipeline protest, school spokesman Peter Johnson says.

The university’s involvement is finished and it was limited to one officer who is part of a drone operations task force, according to Johnson.

“A UND officer who is assigned to the Grand Forks Regional Special Operations Group’s UAS Unit was activated in a support-only role to pilot UAS for use as an aviation asset to monitor the situation,” Johnson said.

He said the officer is “now back to campus operations” and the expense was covered the state Department of Emergency Services.

“There are currently no UND officers being involved in policing the pipeline protest,” Johnson said.

UND’s involvement was briefly mentioned in an article in the Grand Forks Herald earlier this month, so Mean Read asked the school for details.

Meanwhile, North Dakota State University has stayed out of the conflict.

“No NDSU Police officers or other resources have been devoted to the Dakota Access Pipeline protests,” spokeswoman Sadie Rudolph says.

The pipeline protests in Morton County have drawn law enforcement officers from other jurisdictions, including the Cass County Sheriff’s Office.


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