Fargo Commissioner Has Dumb Plan to Recruit Fraudulent Bank

Fresh off his anti-refugee crusade, Fargo City Commissioner Dave Piepkorn is drawing attention to himself once again.

After noticing that the Minneapolis City Council is unhappy with Wells Fargo because of the bank’s ties to the Dakota Access pipeline, Piepkorn is lobbying for the bank to move its operations to Fargo.

“In North Dakota we love fossil fuels,” Piepkorn says.

Yup. North Dakota loves them so much, they even let them spill all over the state.

Anyway, how exactly does Dave plan on enticing Wells Fargo, which was fined $185 million in September for fraud, to move its 11,000 employees from Minneapolis, where it just spent $300 million on office buildings?

The strategy involves emphasizing North Dakota’s low taxes and regulations, which we’re pretty sure Wells Fargo is already aware of.

Also, “If we compared apples to apples, our public schools, transportation times, things like that, I think we’d be able to tell a pretty good story,” Dave said earlier this week.

So Wells Fargo is going to transfer everyone to Fargo because of “public schools” and “transportation times”? Come on, Dave, you’re going to have to do better than that.

Even Dave is skeptical of his own plan.

“I think we’ll get a little bit of a bad time, they’re going to say well, what the heck, a little town like Fargo thinking about approaching a big corporation like that, but we’ve got Microsoft right here.”

Dave has a history of getting publicity by saying dumb stuff at council meetings. Most recently, it was his ranting against refugees that landed him in the prestigious national publication Breitbart.

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