Media Is Very Rude to Moorhead Council, Lawyer Says

Jade Rosenfeldt, a Moorhead lawyer best known for her defense of a child pornographer, offers a lesson on decency in today’s Fargo Forum.

She argues that the Moorhead City Council gets unfairly scrutinized, especially by Forum columnist Michael McFeely:

“McFeely’s sensationalist articles serve only to tear Moorhead down and impugn the motives of decent individuals who serve our community.”

McFeely has written critically about the controversial resignation of City Manager Michael Redlinger earlier this year, as well the city’s botched attempt at filling an open council seat this month. There’s nothing “sensationalist” about his coverage.

A tipster points out that Rosenfeldt works at the same Vogel Law Firm where Moorhead Councilwoman Brenda Elmer’s husband, Corey, works.

Rosenfeldt, who lacks even a basic understanding of journalism, ends her letter with this naive tripe:

“I would hope that we as the public would trust those that we have elected and believe that they are taking actions for the greater good of our community.”

Jade, were you born yesterday?

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