Gov Burgum Wants to Grow Blueberries in the Oil Fields

North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum said in a recent interview that the state needs “courageous curiosity” to thrive. Berries are one part of this. 

Here’s how the Republican explained it to the Fargo Forum:

The same way Iceland has tapped its geothermal energy to raise crops year-round and become more self-sufficient in producing food, he said, North Dakota could use the excess natural gas lost to flaring in western North Dakota to heat greenhouses for crops like raspberries and blueberries.

Reducing natural gas waste is a noble cause. But, speaking as a true American capitalist: if this berry thing is a good idea, why hasn’t the free market made it happen? Why aren’t companies lining up to plant gooseberries in Williston?

Burgum’s been a businessman for many years. He’s got plenty of money. Why hasn’t he taken the risk and done this already? If he wants to state to get involved in the berry business, that sounds pretty socialist to us.

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