Maverick Gov Burgum’s Inauguration Was “Sponsored” by Oil Company

Gov. Doug Burgum, who has pledged to “reinvent” government, kicked off his term last night with an inauguration brought to you by the oil industry.

“The leading sponsor of the celebration event was Whiting Petroleum,” Forum News Service’s John Hageman reported. Another sponsor was Microsoft, whose search engine, Bing, was shamelessly plugged by Burgum in his State of the State address.

For all his talk about innovating, the governor’s taste for corporate donations is boring in its familiarity. Speaking of money — two seats at the governor’s table cost $25,000. (Not a joke.)

Every state elected official attended Burgum’s inauguration, except Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem, according to attendee Jim Fuglie. Stenehjem lost to Burgum after a brutal Republican primary.

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