Rob “Sturm und Drang” Port Needs a Copy Editor

A reader yesterday alerted us to two errors in a single article by Rob Port, North Dakota’s favorite right-wing blogger.

“Yesterday during while I was with my colleague …” is how the piece starts. Then he quotes someone about “morocycles.”

A few hours later, in another post, Port wrote this:

“All this sturm und drang to prosecute three misdemeanor charges.

Rob, get a grip on the English language before you attempt German. Also, “Sturm und Drang” should be capitalized.

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  1. Not just two errors in a single article. You missed “the cops have argued that front places are nice.” Pretty sure he meant “plates” not “places.”

    The other one I wouldn’t bother mentioning to Rob because I don’t think he has the brain power to understand it. He writes, “Owens told me that there are a lot of people in North Dakota who aren’t following the existing law requiring a front license plate anyway, something he noticed during a recent drive from Grand Forks to Bismarck for the legislative session.” It has never been acceptable to use a comma as a device merely to convey additional information from the writer; that’s what parentheses are for. Alternatively, he could have just used an em dash like all the other troglodytes.

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