Anti-Burgum Propaganda Flourishing in Fargo

The rude memes targeting North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum show no signs of going away.

Last weekend, a reader alerted us to this poster of Burgum as “The 60-Year-Old Virgin,” seen at the downtown Fargo music venue The Aquarium.


Another reader recently sent us this image of a sticker that reads, “Doug Burgum Gets Hard From Dying Animals.”


We first wrote about this phenomenon last month. The images are related to a project called “Doug Burzum,” in which the governor is portrayed as an idiosyncratic overlord.

Another sticker, seen at the downtown bar Dempsey’s, reads, “Doug Burgum Eats Raw Human Placentas.”


When we reached out to “Doug Burzum” through its Facebook page, we received this response:

“The stickers are but one tactic in our war to reclaim the vast frozen wasteland of this grim and frostbitten state from the decadence and corruption of the fat and lazy politicians! We are everywhere and our army is growing. Soon the peasants will toil at the soil by the crack of my powerful whip. We shall cull the diseased nature of liberalism and build golden towers to the sky in every city where my loyal agents shall watch the people with a vengeful eye. My empire will last for seven times seven generations and with an iron fist it will instill a heroic new order! IO ODIN. I am DOUG BURZUM, YOUR GLORIOUS MASTER”

If you notice any memes while you’re out and about, send us a picture:

4 Comments on "Anti-Burgum Propaganda Flourishing in Fargo"

  1. There are two types of people in this world, the ones who put forth energy towards the act of making our world a better place and the ones who are too lazy to do anything more than rip apart the ones who are actually doing. Your website proves over and over that you are definitely nothing more than the biggest waste of human existence. Before you can poke fun at anyone for doing something, maybe you should attempt at doing something yourself. Lazy, uneducated, disgraceful and a sad excuse for a member of our community, that’s what you are. Doug Burgum was doing more good than you currently are when he was 12. Well, that is because he was actually doing. Not sitting on his ass tearing others apart for finding success in their lives. Congrats! You’re a low life, piece of shit who has nothing better to do with his time. We get it. Maybe your drive and lifestyle point you more towards the direction of retirement rather than this stupid website that proves to be nothing more than a terribly sad humans feeling towards the people around him. You too could be success. But first you have to get off of your lazy ass.

  2. Hmmm… I wonder what kind of “good” little Dougie was doing when he was twelve: Protesting the atrocities committed by the US Army at the My Lai Massacre? Advocating non-violent solidarity with the Civil Rights Movement in the wake of the assassination of Martin Luther King Junior? Using his slide rule to calculate orbital trajectories for the Apollo Lunar Missions?

    Jeez, lighten up, Francis. This isn’t a news site and all the bootlicking Burgum buddies have already made their minds up about their new heroic governor, so his reputation, for better or worse, is safe with everyone.

  3. Looks like Little Dougie’s fan club president also needs to get laid. Perhaps he should get off his lazy ass and do something about it instead of sitting his fat ass commenting on this excellent blog.

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