ND Senate Kills Legislation to Accept Reality of Gay Marriage

State Sen. Janne Myrdal (R-Edinburg)

Same-sex marriage is legal in all 50 states. Period. But today the North Dakota legislature refused to accept that reality.

The state Senate voted 31-15 to kill a bill that would have updated state law, which contains a large number of references to “husband and wife,” in light of the fact that couples aren’t exclusively husband and wife anymore.

These changes are clearly needed, and important. They affect spousal support, transfer of property, contracts and adoption, to name just a few issues.

But no. Legislators want to make life very, very difficult for same-sex couples. They don’t care that the Supreme Court ruled, definitively, on this issue over a year ago. Maybe they believe that President Donald Trump will magically overturn this ruling. Not gonna happen. What these pigheaded ideologues in the legislature have done is actually quite simple: they’ve invited a lawsuit, the cost of which will be paid by taxpayers. So much for fiscal responsibility.

Here are the votes:

Rollcall Time : 01/10/2017 01:32 PM

FAILED in the Senate

Votes : 47 – Yeas: 15, Nays: 31, Excused: 0, Absent: 1
(Nay) Anderson
(Yea) Armstrong
(Yea) Bekkedahl
(Nay) Bowman
(Nay) Burckhard
(Nay) Campbell
(Nay) Casper
(Nay) Clemens
(Nay) Cook
(Abs) Davison
(Nay) Dever
(Nay) Dotzenrod
(Nay) Erbele
(Yea) Grabinger
(Yea) Heckaman
(Nay) Hogue
(Yea) Holmberg
(Nay) Kannianen
(Nay) Kilzer
(Nay) Klein
(Yea) Krebsbach
(Nay) Kreun
(Nay) Laffen
(Nay) Larsen, O.
(Nay) Larson, D.
(Nay) Lee, G.
(Yea) Lee, J.
(Nay) Luick
(Yea) Marcellais
(Yea) Mathern
(Yea) Meyer
(Nay) Myrdal
(Yea) Nelson
(Yea) Oban
(Yea) Oehlke
(Nay) Osland
(Yea) Piepkorn
(Yea) Poolman
(Nay) Robinson
(Nay) Roers
(Nay) Rust
(Nay) Schaible
(Nay) Sorvaag
(Nay) Unruh
(Nay) Vedaa
(Nay) Wanzek
(Nay) Wardner




7 Comments on "ND Senate Kills Legislation to Accept Reality of Gay Marriage"

  1. At least some people have sense

  2. And look at that. Janne Myrdal is a part of the moronic porn filter bill too. What a joke.

  3. I would bet these “Nay” voters are the same ones who sit back and wonder why no ones wants to live in ND, particularly young people.

  4. Wow, that is a lot of “Nay” not just the one that is singled out! Glad to see they stick by their beliefs, as that was the reason they were voted in.

  5. Nothing about sexual orientation needs to be legislated, period. The Supreme Court should never have ruled on same sex marriage in the first place. Period.

  6. @Anastasia – I agree that nothing about sexual orientation needs to be legislated. But that’s exactly what the North Dakota legislature has done. By defining marriage in an exclusionary way, even after SCOTUS has already settled this issue as a Constitutional matter, North Dakota’s legislature has continued with laws that favor heterosexual individuals over homosexual individuals. If you TRULY think that sexual orientation shouldn’t be legislated, you would have a problem with North Dakota’s actions.

    Also, the Supreme Court is part of the judicial branch, not the legislative branch… in case you were wondering. It’s a completely separate branch of the government and is part of that whole “checks and balances” thing. And it wouldn’t have made a ruling on same sex marriage had some states not been violating the constitutional rights of gay people.

  7. @Sheila – Great. I hope you’re also glad to see the budget deficit in North Dakota increase even more as a result of the inevitable lawsuits that will come against the state because of this. If my beliefs were ever found to infringe on the Constitutional rights of my fellow citizens (they haven’t), personally, I wouldn’t brag about how I favor denying basic Constitutional protections to others and I certainly wouldn’t double down and take action that I knew would result in economic loss for the people I represent.

    There are better messages to send than “I wish my beliefs superseded the Constitution” and “I’m willing to waste your money to push an unlawful agenda.” Again, perhaps that’s just me.

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