Fargo Legislator Compares Trump to Abraham Lincoln

Donald Trump and Abraham Lincoln, the two people in history with the least in common, were recently compared to each other by Shannon Roers Jones, a new state legislator from Fargo.

She believes that Trump and Lincoln are similar because when each one of them was elected, people got scared. Here’s what she posted on Facebook:

“As we begin a new year with President Trump at the helm. Here is one of those tricky quotations to ponder, as recorded in the Baltimore Sun:

“We have only too much cause to fear that such a man, and such advisers as he has, may be capable of infinitely more mischief than folly when invested with power. A lunatic is only dangerous when armed and turned loose”

It wasn’t written in 2016 and they weren’t talking about a President Trump. It was written in 1861, and that man they were talking about was Abraham Lincoln.”

Thank you John Andrist for reminding me about this quote. When Abraham Lincoln was elected, as a result of a power struggle between two much more preferred candidates, the majority of the nation hated him and feared that he would destroy the country. Just something to tuck away in your brain.
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8 Comments on "Fargo Legislator Compares Trump to Abraham Lincoln"

  1. Trump is corrupt, without morals and self discipline.

  2. Yes, indeed. I want to thank Jones in earnest for reminding us that, yes, a large population of our country did fear Lincoln taking office. That fearful, anxious population included racists and slavers of all sorts. Perhaps the comparison made by Shannon Jones would be more fitting if we were all living in a nineteenth-century incarnation of “The Man in the High Tower,” where Jefferson Davis is elected president of the North and the rest of us are scared shitless.

  3. Apologies. Correction- “The Man in the High Castle”

  4. I don’t know where to start… WHAT A TOTAL NINCOMPOOP!

  5. Isn’t this the same lunatic who endorsed that antiporn legislation that turned into yet another embarassment for this State? Morons

  6. Abraham Lincoln also set forth the mass slaying of 40 members of the Dakota tribe, the largest mass killing in the US history. However, in most text books we only highlight the positive of Lincoln.

  7. Shannon Roers Jones reminds me of pondscum for some reason.

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