Gov. Doug “No Tax” Burgum: Let’s Raise Taxes on Old People

Our fearless governor

Gov. Doug Burgum, the brilliant innovator, would never, ever, ever raise taxes, not even if Microsoft’s Bing told him to.

Which is why in March of last year, he signed a campaign pledge to “not raise taxes or fees to tackle shortfalls in state tax revenue.”

Burgum's pledge

It is strange, then, that yesterday Burgum announced his support for “a long-term care provider assessment,” which is another way of saying “a tax on old people.”

In his announcement, Burgum pointed out that this kind of tax “is used by more than 40 states.” I thought North Dakota under Burgum was supposed to innovate, not replicate?

The Fargo Forum describes the plan as a “5 percent fee on nursing home care.” The nursing homes would then “pass along the cost of the new fee to residents.”

The fee was originally proposed by former Gov. Jack Dalrymple “in response to pleas from nursing homes … in the face of state budget cuts.”

So the state cuts funding to nursing homes, and the response is to make seniors pay the difference. Is this the “courageous curiosity” Burgum was talking about?


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