Religious Columnist Defends Legislator Who Shared Gay Nazi Flag

Roxane Salonen was the subject of a "phony" letter to the editor.

State Sen. Janne Myrdal was criticized yesterday for sharing the image of a gay Nazi flag, but thank God, a religious columnist has come to her aid.

“I’m with those who know your integrity and heart enough to know you would not have shared anything hateful,” Fargo Forum columnist Roxane Salonen wrote on Myrdal’s Facebook page.

“I share in your reality of being persecuted publicly for trying to speak truth and being misunderstood. You are in my prayers dear one. It might seem dark now, but just wait. The light is coming and you’ll be standing in the middle of it. You already are; people just don’t see.”

Apparently, when Myrdal posted a gay Nazi flag along with an article titled, “The Forgotten Gays Part II: Is The LGBT On Crack?” she was “trying to speak truth.”

Myrdal posted this on her Facebook page

Myrdal posted this on her Facebook page

Salonen, for her part, is known for calling homosexuality a “lifestyle;” saying gay people should be celibate; calling atheists less grateful than religious people; calling abortion clinic volunteers “wily wasps;” and calling Donald Trump’s election a “great day for women.”

Seems like Myrdal and Salonen are made for each other. But don’t fall in love, you two — or you might become gay Nazis.

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