Fargo Forum Columnist Compares Gay Marriage to Slavery

Roxane Salonen was the subject of a "phony" letter to the editor.

Roxane Salonen, the Fargo Forum’s religious columnist, compared same-sex marriage to slavery while defending a state legislator who posted the image of a gay pride flag emblazoned with a swastika.

The backstory is that State Sen. Janne Myrdal (R-Edinburg) came under criticism this week after this blog pointed out she had posted a gay Nazi flag on her Facebook page. Many people started commenting on Myrdal’s page expressing their outrage, including Bernie Erickson, a gay, married resident of Fargo.

Erickson pointed out that, earlier this month, Myrdal voted against a bill that would have updated North Dakota law to reflect the existence of same-sex spouses.

“This is turning so dark,” he wrote. “The United States Supreme Court ruled my marriage to my husband David is recognized by all marriage laws. The Senator is using her position of power in an attempt to deny the protection of ND laws to us. The Senator says her religion demands that. The US Constitution says otherwise. I truly do not challenge or dispute your beliefs. Your beliefs simply do not supercede constitutional law.”

Salonen, coming to Myrdal’s defense, responded: “Slavery was once legal. Were we obligated to abide by it even so? I’m not equating the two apples to apples, but saying that there may be a good reason North Dakota has refrained from following suit.”

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Roxane, you really think opposing gay marriage is like opposing government-sanctioned slavery? Are you kidding me?

Let Roxane know what you think. Her email is: roxanebsalonen@gmail.com.

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