Bill Would Make It Legal to Murder

State Sen. David Clemens, a Republican from West Fargo

A bill introduced in the North Dakota legislature would make it legal for you to:

  • kill someone even if you could safely avoid it by retreating
  • kill someone to prevent them from causing $100 worth of damage to your stuff
  • kill someone who’s running away from you

Senate Bill 2315, which has been nicknamed the “murder bill,” was introduced by freshman Sen. David Clemens, the star of our list of “Worst North Dakota Politicians of 2016.” During his campaign, he said he wanted to restrict voting because the state is becoming “more diverse.” He is also known for ranting against the “sin” of “sodomites.”

Apparently he has no problem with killing people, though. His new bill creates a new section of state law titled, “Use of deadly force in defense of premises and property.” This new section would let you kill people in order to stop crimes such as “theft” and “criminal mischief.” Criminal mischief, by the way, includes the misdemeanor offense of causing $100 in property damage.

So if your friend has your iPhone, and he’s promising to smash it on a rock because he’s angry at you — under this bill, you can kill him.

Bismarck attorney Tom Dickson tells us, “This new law provides a legal defense if you shoot your neighbor’s kid when he is running down your sidewalk after pilfering a six-pack of beer from a cooler on your porch.”

The bill would also remove the following language from state law:

“The use of deadly force is not justified if it can be avoided, with safety to the actor and others, by retreat or other conduct involving minimal interference with the freedom of the individual menaced.”

So the bill gives you the freedom to kill, even if it’s unnecessary. You can let David Clemens know how you feel about this bill:

The bill is also sponsored by Rep. Sebastian Ertelt, seen here posing with his gun.

6 Comments on "Bill Would Make It Legal to Murder"

  1. With guys like him in the legislature making proposals like this, ND will be at the top of the list for stupid & wacko!!

  2. Take time to read the bill and access the testimony instead of judging based strictly and only on something you only read on social media.

  3. Good! If you violate me or my property you will suffer the consequences of your actions. There is NO reason to retreat from someone who has made a threat. Once someone does that, they lose any right to assume they are harmless. If you steal from me and I catch ya, smart thing is to drop whatever I caught you with and surely don’t run, you will just die tired! Enough of this crap in out state and people assaulting and stealing without any kind of consequences.

  4. I have always liked the Texas law that you can use deadly force after dusk to defend your property/possessions if the loss would surpass $1,000 in value. But what about my rent money, or my crappy car, or some very sentimental jewelry that is plated and has fake diamonds??? The rights have to turn back to the victim and honestly, fuck the criminals. I think you should be able to shoot someone to death for any reason as long as you can convince a jury to agree with you!

  5. If someone is breaking the law and gets killed – oh well. If they want to vote nine times, that is against
    The law and they should be prosecuted. If they want to block a public roadway then they can plan on getting run over. You bleeding heart liberals need to get a grip on reality

  6. Every child attending school should be armed and provided with some safety training.

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