White Commentator Explains Special Qualities of Women and Minorities

John Andrist

Former legislator and newspaper publisher John Andrist wrote an unbelievably bad opinion piece on the topic of race and gender today, rambling about the 80 percent of Native Americans who “function just like the rest of us,” the reasons behind “China Town” and the “better body rhythms” of black people.

It’s a true masterpiece in horrible writing: paragraphs do not follow logically, and his thesis — if he ever had one — is impossible to discern. What is clear is that he has strong views on minorities and women, and he would like to share those views with the public.

Writing for the conservative Say Anything Blog, Andrist begins:

There is a subtle form of racism that exists even among those who decry the practice.

I noted a few weeks ago that those who think Native Americans require special benefits are, in fact, racists. An estimated 80 percent of them function just like the rest of us, having walked away from reservation life.

So 20 percent of Native Americans don’t “function just like the rest of us”? What the fuck does that mean?

He continues,

The special laws enacted for blacks only are also racist.

Chinese Americans congregate in separate communities in many of our major cities. China Town, they call them. But they do so voluntarily for their own reasons.


Many folks, particularly rednecks, believe Muslims are inherently dysfunctional. They too are practicing racism.

In truth, most of the racial defects we perceive are simply culturally based.

Some might call me a racist, because I believe there is strong evidence that blacks have a tendency to be athletically superior, that they have been blessed with better body rhythms, but there may be no real research to support it.

He writes about women next:

Women, more than men, are inclined to give a greater piece of their time to social causes. They seem to be in a strong majority in church leadership and attendance, at concerts, and at art galleries.

You still see more men than women in taverns and at athletic events.

There are far more women in nursing and K-12 education.

In my thinking women are a superior sex in more things than men. That most certainly makes me sexist.

Where are you going with this?

So where am I going with this?

To eliminate racism and sexism, and get rid of the notion that we are members of any special class, we need to practice judging people individually, by what they really are, not by what group they represent.

Translation: after stereotyping various people by race and gender, I want to emphasize that we should judge people individually.


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  1. Let’s not forget John is getting on in years.

  2. Well at least we know who tutors NDSU dropout Rob Port.

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