Bill Would Let Military “Investigate” ND Judges

Rep. Jeffery Magrum (R-Hazelton)

A North Dakota Republican legislator has introduced a bill to give the military the power to “investigate complaints against any judge in the state” and conduct disciplinary and removal hearings.

Those powers currently belong to the judicial conduct commission, a seven-member group made up of two judges, one lawyer and four citizens who aren’t involved in the law.

As the legal blog Gavel to Gavel first pointed out, Rep. Jeffery Magrum’s bill would kick all the legal experts off the commission and require that all seven members “must be active or retired military.”

Under Magrum’s House Bill 1313, the members would all be picked by the state adjutant general, a military official who commands National Guard soldiers. Under current law, four of the members are picked by the governor and the other three by law-related state associations.

Letting the military oversee the judicial branch: what could go wrong?

Correction: The lawmaker’s name is spelled Jeffery, not Jeffrey.

9 Comments on "Bill Would Let Military “Investigate” ND Judges"

  1. What a bad idea. Next is military running the courts Sounds like Egypt

  2. How about the military investigates Jeffrey Magrum to see if they can find any functioning brain cells. Why do Republicants insist on wasting taxpayer dollars for these foolish illegal bills?

  3. Thank you for your concern for our Veterans across North Dakota.

  4. What is the number of this bill? Can’t track bills without a number.

  5. I would like to know what his problem is with the present Judiciary committee. The judiciary is viewed as a separate unit of government, certainly not something the military should be overseeing.

  6. My guess is he lost some kind of court case in the recent past and has a grudge / ax to grind. This is another attempt to erode the constitution, democracy, and justice for all.

  7. Our state needs: An Ethics Commission, and a “Proof of Sentient Life and Logic Inside the Cranium of Republican Lawmakers” Commission.

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